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Achoo! - Yukito - Episode 11 
Cel, Sketch, and Screenshot
Sakura, Tomoyo and the Big House
Sakura to Tomoyo to ookina oie 
Air Date: June 23, 1998
Animation Director: Kimizuka Katsunori

The Scene: Sakura is over Tomoyo's house and Tomoyo's mother (Sonomi) has skipped out on work for a little while to visit with her cousin's daughter. They are sitting in this huge patio having tea and cakes and Sakura asks about the relationship between her Father (Fujitaka) and Sonomi. Sonomi's answer is conflicted at best, but then the scene skips to this cel, Yukito is swinging the broom back and forth while Fujitaka and Yukito are helping, and Fujitaka sneezes... The funniest part about this cel is not the sneeze but the way Yukito is swinging the broom back and forth! It is too cute!

Why?: LOL a freebie, when you buy things from Yahoo Japan certain sellers throw in freebies. This is sometimes an annoyance because, hell, where are you going to store them? Other times it's like OH CUTE! This was one of those cels.

About the Cel: The background with Toya and Fujitaka I pieced together from the screenshot which I'm sure you can tell... The cel by itself is adorable but it looks even better with it's missing pieces. I am going to keep a lookout for the sneeze and the bent over partial Toya!

Special Thanks: To Sensei! For the episode id ^_^ 
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