Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

After the battle... - Ritsuka
Shuusei and Screenshot
The Scene: After the battle, when Breathless are defeated we are treated to the quiet of the science lab again. Three moody background shots, then we see a very still Ritsuka sitting on the ground, the camera stays on Ritsuka for a moment, just quietly catching his breath before Soubi disturbs him pulling himself together.

Why?: This came with that crazy inch of sketches, it was a nice find as you can see the deep breath he takes before he raises his head to confront Soubi who has promised to tell him everything after the fight.

About the Genga Set: The sketch comprises completely on one correction sketch, Sensei from his work with  Asatte no Houkou , BTW check it out a most informative wing of his gallery! Posits that all the corrections done on the yellow/peach paper are from the desk of the Animation Director for the episode. Now from there I haven't yet figured out which director has which style, I do know that the animation directors for episode 2 are Ishii Yumiko and Matsukawa Tetsuya. Tetsuya-san also directed the animation for Episode 7, I hope to pick up some corrections from that episode to compare then I can narrow it down. However for now the sketch was done with very sharp pencils, and there is something almost delicate under the roughness of the pencil work. 
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