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An evil aura covers our city... - Kino Makoto - Episode 161 
Cel and Screenshot
Coming Terror! The Dark Queen's Evil Approach
Ugoki dashita kyōfu! Yami no joō no mashu

Air Date: 
January 27, 1996

Animation Director: Shigetaka Kiyoyama
The Scene: This is a really cool scene right before the final transformation before the finale. The finale of SuperS is quite a few episodes and as with most of SuperS is mostly about Moon and Chibi-moon so the pan cels of each of the girls are a lovely plus for us inner fans. Anywho I digress, the city is covered in spiderwebs, because the sun burns Nehelenia, the girls are trying to pinpoint the source. Amy spots it and they henshin!

Why?: This sucker took a while to identify because like her school uniform Makoto wears this outfit every season of Sailor Moon. However, I adore this outfit it is probably the most comfy and practical outfits any of the scouts wear and for me just makes sense for her to wear it! It also helps that this is the last time you see the girls in casual clothes before the final confrontation. Quite fantastic, I love the set of pans they used here, although I would have appreciated it if they had lingered on Makoto a little longer. ^-^

About the Cel: I have a feeling about this cel, as it is a pan and obviously from a key scene, and most likely the only one in existence. Except for the sketches used to make it... well obvious that lol. 

The background is original matching, and the way Jupiter's eyes and nose are drawn leads me to believe that this piece came from the pencil of the Animation director for this episode, Kiyoyama Shigetaka. 

Kiyoyama-san doubled as a key animator on this episode and you can see it in the quality of the animation. This of course cannot be 100% confirmed but it is a high probability I believe!

Another note the black shading in the screenshot is most likely a camera filter and not a missing layer on the cel. 
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