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And you call yourself the Beast of the Seal? - Sakura and Kero - Episode 1
Cel, Sketches, and Screenshot
Sakura and the Mysterious Magic Book
Sakura to Fushigi na Mahō no Hon

Air Date: April 7, 1998
Animation Director: Takahashi Kumiko 

The Scene: Right after Kero has confessed to falling asleep for thirty years...

Sakura: And you call yourself the Beast of the Seal?
Kero: Stuff happens! All right?
Sakura: So those noises were just snores? (cel)

Why?: I have been stalking this cel for a while now, there is just something that tickles me pink about Sakura's expression. Anywho it is something that the dealer had been sitting on for I want to say at least 5 years maybe longer, so I was like maybe I can get it slightly cheaper... So I got my bargaining hat on, it wasn't the best price and more than I've ever paid for a Kero before, but that expression >_< 

About the Cel: The background is not the original matching but is most definitely from CCS, the cel had been stored with it's original studio envelope, layout and matching sketches. Kero's body and Sakura are both 1End cels meaning these are the only pieces from this sequence available, you might be able to find a mouth piece but I doubt it. 

If you watch the scene it is shot quite hilariously, the Kero slides up from the bottom of the screen over a moving bg, while the Sakura slides in from the side to make her point about Kero's snoring. A similar technique was used in Episode 67, when Sakura surprises Toya, by popping up behind him to great comedic affect. 
  1. Title 1
  2. Douga
  3. Original Layout
  4. Screenshot