Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel and Screenshot
Anyways... - Toya
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About the Scene: This happens after Toya has insisted on having the dim-sum box that was hiding Kero! So after a tense confrontation Sakura decides to have it for herself, and Toya just let's it go by changing the subject! Well she will eventually figure it out that he knows! LOL
Why? I love Toya and Yukito, and it was a movie cel and I could not pass it up. His expression is annoyed and thoughtful at the same time. I think he feels that way a lot of the time while Yukito and Sakura are hiding things from him.

About the Cel: The sketch is pretty heftily damaged but the cel is in pristine condition, except of course for the missing layers. It does amuse me to see how much they did end up animating but you only see a small portion of it.