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Are you feeling better? - Hotaru, Chibi-usa, and Ami - Episode 115 
Cel and Douga
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Shadow of Silence!? The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly
Chinmoku no kage!? Awaki Hotaru hi no yurameki

Air Date: 
November 26, 1994

Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
The Scene: Hotaru starts to wake up, and Chibiusa holds her hand. She wakes up and tries to get up, but Chibiusa tries to get her to stay down, and asks her if she's really all right, and gives her a big hug. Ami asks if she's better and says that her mother is coming soon. (cel) Hotaru says she's all right, and this kind of thing happens all the time. She starts to leave and says that she told not to see any doctors, ever. She leaves and thanks Chibiusa, when Chibiusa says she'll go home with her.

Why?: I got a pretty good price on it mostly, also it is a good scene. I just wish I had the Usagi that goes with it. It also helps that this episode is very beautifully animated.

About the Cel: The cel is three layers, all stuck, it did come with all of the matching sketches as well. Just missing Usagi which seems odd, but I don't think she moves, so that would explain.