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Award Winning Performance - Toya and Yukito - Episode 24
Original Layout and Screenshot
Sakura's Little Adventure
Sakura no Chiisa na Daibouken

Air Date: 
October 6, 1998
Animation Director:  Fujita Mariko

The Scene: Tomoyo goes to leave the room, and then starts her award winning performance, "Oh! Oh!­ I feel dizzy!" She staggers slightly, watching her audience with glazed eyes before she stumbles and falls behind the couch.

Alarmed, both boys jump up, but Tomoyo jumps back up with Kero behind her back.

"I'm all right now!" She grins as she backs away toward the stairs, Kero safely behind her back, she sidles past both Yukito and Toya who are both giving her this look of WTF just happened? (Sketch)

Why?: When I saw this I had no idea where it was from I just adored their expressions. So when I went hunting, I was super amused by the result. This scene is pretty hilarious, and Yuki looks so confused, while Toya who still has his powers is sensing Kero behind the couch. Just cracks me up, I really love it I wish I could get a hold of the matching cels! ^_^

About the Sketch: This sketch is an A1End, so it that means there will be a limited run of art available from this sequence. I would love to get a hold of the cels, or even the matching Tomoyo/Kero that slides across the front of the A1End of Toya and Yukito. The sketch is pretty wrinkled up it looks like it was abused in a past life. There are also quite a bit of interesting notes on this piece, because of the placement of the sequence number at the bottom, I would posit this is a douga and all the comments are mostly to do with the painting of the cel. Colors to be used and etc. 
  1. Original Layout
  2. Screenshot