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Beautiful - Makoto - Sailor Moon Classic Opening 2
Cel and Screenshot
Scene: No scene, this is from the second opening of Sailor Moon Classic... A rather primo shot, if I must say so myself.

Why?: Opening cels are generally harder to find, you wouldn't think so just because most opening sequences will have a much higher cel per minute count. However... because they are so sought after, by both casual fans, and cel addicts it can be hard to get a hold of them. I was able to pry this from a fellow collector during an offer period for a reasonable price much to my suprise and joy! She will be loved.

About the Cel: The cel has the typical first season line fading of course, I adore the fact that you get to see a little more leg in the cel than on the screen, it cracks me up. ^_^ 

  1. Cel
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