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Beautiful when she smiles... - Makoto - Episode 105 
Cel and Douga
  1. Cel
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Wanting More Power! Mako-Chan's Lost Path
Pawā ga hoshī! Mako-chan no mayoi michi

Air Date: 
August 27, 1994

Animation Director: Mari Tominaga
The Scene: Makoto asks her new Sensei how he has become so serene and still while he is standing under a freezing waterfall, he jumps out and says its cold!!! She smiles, and he tells her she should smile more she looks beautiful that way. She blushes *cel*

Why?: Very cool Makoto episode! Also in this episode Makoto takes care of the MOtD all by herself! One if the few inners to do it! I love this scene she looks lovely, and the lighting is just gorgeous.

About the Cel: cel is shellacked to a piece of paper. If I ever get around to yanking out my water colors again, this BG will be at the top of the list. Other than that its in pretty good condition for a cel of its age :)

Special Notes: Sequence mate A4 can be found here: