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Boring Human Being - Ken'yuu 
Layout, Original BG, and Screenshot
The Scene: After the little talk about Kouryuu, Koumyou asks a question...

Koumyou: I'd like to ask you something Kenyuu-kun, Why did you come to train at this temple?

Ken'yuu: (confused) Why?

Koumyou: The image doesn't seem to suite you. I don't imaging you're the type who erases physical

Ken'yuu: I want to make Sanzo... Since I heard how hard it is to pull that off.

Koumyou: (understanding) Ah.

Ken'yuu: I've tried my had at just about everything but it's all to easy right? I'm bored out of my mind. I want something that doesn't bore me.

Koumyou: I see, since everything you do is boring you must be a very boring human being.

This sketch happens right after Koumyou drops that bombshell into the conversation, seriously if looks could kill! eep!

Why?: Another great surprise, part of the set. It's third of the three sketches of Ken'yuu that was taped to the beautiful and bleak background of naked trees. Each sketch is paired with that particular background at three points in the first conversation between Koumyou and Ken'yuu.

About the Layout: A lot of time was spent on his eye in this sketch, it looks like it was erased at least once and redrawn. Like a lot of sketches that came with this set there is some damage around the register holes but nothing that affects the image. ^_^ 
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