Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel and Screenshot
But... I was really happy that Sakura would invite me - Yukito and Toya 
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The Scene: 

Yukito: Toya, is it really all right?

Toya: It’s just like usual. Don’t worry about it.

Yukito: (CEL) But... I was really happy that Sakura would invite me. I knew that Sakura-chan’s feelings towards me aren’t completely the same as the way she feels about her father, but I can’t delay her from finding the one she really loves. I knew that she would be sad, but I thought that saying so would be best for Sakura-chan.

Why?: Wishlist, when I first went through this episode and took screenshots. This was one of the shots I was specifically looking for. I do love this episode and the conversations between both Toya and Yukito sum and wrap everything up for them in a neat little bow. What happens in the manga is very similar except everyone is wearing kimonos instead of winter clothes. It was sitting in a private collection for a while and then made it into the hands of a dealer, when they had a sale I snapped it up. It was a little higher than I normally pay for CCS, but in fact I think the shipping was almost more than the cel which can be frustrating ^_^;; 

About the Cel: The is in pretty excellent condition the lines are in great condition all the layers are stuck the original background much like my other original background for this episode is cut a little weird. It sort of chopped off at two of the corners and there is tape burn on the bg from where it was tapped to the cel, I removed it but too little too late.