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Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie
Gekijōban Kādokyaputā Sakura 
Release Date:  August 21, 1999
Director: Asaka Morio
Animation Directors:  Sakurai Kunihiko, Takahashi Kumiko, Ueda Hitoshi
I ADORE this MOVIE, it is my favorite of the two movies, the second movie is MUCH too focused on wrapping up the loose ends of Sakura and Li's Relationship, it also touches on Sakura's lingering albeit dying feelings for Yukito.  This is overall a very interesting movie visually, albeit mostly because of the strong hand of the Movie and Series director Asaka Morio.  With animation direction provided by Takahashi Kumiko - Character Designer  (Series and Movie 1) and Animation Director: (Episodes - 1, 18, 69), senior Animation director Sakurai Kunihiko (Episodes -  8, 13, 20, 23, 31, 51), and Key Animator Ueda Hitoshi who went on from here to be a Character Designer and Regular Animation Director at the time this was his first stint at Animation Direction (As far as I can tell).
The story is a very interesting Ghost Story a little creepy, but not too much as this is CCS.  The backdrop is Hong Kong, and I feel you get a good flavor of the city as it is almost a character itself the way the characters interact with the new and old parts of Hong Kong and how lovingly the animators dropped these characters into the environs.  This Movie happens between the first and second seasons of CCS and you have to remember when watching so much is still in the air, whether Sakura will become Cardmistress, will Yuki return her feelings, and just who is the Moon Guardian/The Judge?