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Cat Fight! - Makoto, En, Ail - Episode 55
  1. Cel
Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love
Tsukikage wa Seijūrō? Moeru Mako-chan

Air Date: 
May 22, 1993

Animation Director: Itou Ikuko
The Scene: While Mako-chan and Ail are bonding over food and love. En shows up and starts a fight with Mako-chan while Ail chokes to death on the spicy food! LOL

Why?: One of my favorite episodes of SMR, and this scene never fails to crack me up everytime. Also it was a gift from my Austinzy-boo! :)

About the Cel: There is some serious line fading on this cel, and there is the annoying dirt between the cel layers which is always fun to deal with. This is a key cel, at the very start of the sequence. However I cannot get a screenshot to match up at all. One of my major theories is this particular cel was never used in the show. However I might just be missing it. If somone could get the screenshot I would greatly appreciate it. My trigger finger was having issues. :(

Special Note: Christmas present from Austinzy-boo.