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Deathglare - Genjo Sanzo
Original Layout, Genga, Shuusei, and Screenshot
The Scene: As Sanzo is walking into the Temple in Chang An he is aghast at the level of decadence that they seemingly live in.  He has a flashback remembering an incident from his years on the road running away from the temple he was raised in, after the death of his mentor.  His youngerself is running through the woods, and he trips and falls.  But then he hears a noise behind him and turns to give this look.

Why?: So I thought when I bought this set from Midori and it's sister set.  That this was the last of the Burial art to hit the market.  I was happy to be wrong, because there was an explosion of Burial art to hit in the fall.  However this particular set is a key scene in the episode and the expression on his face is fierce!

About the Layout: This is a super complete set, it comes with the key frame gengas, as well as full shuusei, there is also a full layout which was done by a less senior animator.  The Shuusei are super detailed and absolutely gorgeous, the sketches can be a little wrinkly, but they will flatten out overtime all stacked together.
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