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*Deathglare* - Yuiko & Ritsuka
Shuusei, Copy Layout, and Screenshot
The Scene: Ritsuka is going home, Yuiko yells at him to wait up so they can walk home together. Ritsuka sees the gossipy mean girls watching them, and gives them this amazing deathglare. Then he turns to Yuiko and says, "If you keep tagging along with me, nothing good will come of it." Yuiko then get's in his face and says, "Not 'you,' my name is Yuiko! Call me Yuiko!" 

Why?: This one was in the inch of sketches as well. I do however love Yuiko, Ritsuka and their friendship it just warms the heart. Yuiko doesn't get what is going on, all the time, but she does what she can in her limited way.

About the Genga Set: The sketch set does cover the entire conversation until it cuts away from both of them, however most of the pieces are on separate pages, making it annoying/difficult, as I am not the best at merging sketches. So on that note I have put up the copy layout, and the shuusei up on peach/yellow paper. According to the notes, the Yuiko layer is C1, and the Ritsuka layer is A1-3. there are 8 partial, and of course the two complete making this set 10 sketches in total. 
  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3