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You Wish!/See ya around! - Deathscythe Hell - Episode 32 & 47
Cel, Douga, Screenshot, and Anime-Beta Award ^_^
The God of Death Meets Zero - Episode 32
Shinigami to Zero no Taiketsu

Collision in Space - Episode 47
Gekitotsu suru Uchuu

Air Date: November 17, 1995 & March 8, 1996
Animation Director: Waragai Hitoshi

The Scene: Oddly enough I had just purchased a Duo cel off of Yahoo Japan and the cel had the episode and cut number on it, Episode 47 ^_^;;  I found two cels in the episode that I had, had for YEARS this is one of the them!  I am super pumped!  It's one of the last battles between most of the pilots from episode 47, Duo here is going after Zechs and his mobile doll unit first without letting Quatre do some strategizing first...  Typical Duo ^_^

Update!:  Found this cel in another episode, (32) during Duo's fight with Trant, Trant being driven insane by Wing Zero, says he can see Duo's death, Duo yells, "You Wish!"

Why? This is the quintessential shot of Deathscythe Hell. I always said when I started collecting this is the shot I wanted with the glowy trailing eyes. 

About the Cel: The cel is in excellent condition. there are two layers the top layer being the glowy green trail out of his eyes. The layers are stuck, however, there is no line fading whatsoever on this piece. I think the preservation has a lot to do with the lack of warm colors in this piece so it keeps it well preserved. I've also added a piece of micro-chamber paper as well to continue keeping it in pristine condition.

Anime-Beta Awards 2014 - 1st Place for Mech & Tech award shared with GuyvarIII - This was the only category this year with a tie for first!
I ran the awards in 2014, and most of my choice of entries were to fill up light categories so that we could give more awards. There were a few categories where I just wanted to enter them because I thought they were the best chance to win the category... This was not one of them, there were only 6 entries into Mech and Tech. However when the voting started GoalieZero was working with me on something getting her entries in getting her votes done. And after she voted, she was like Jade you are going to win this one over my WingZero and I'm like thanks! *in my mind I'm not so sure LOL* I do love this piece as it is my only actual cel of a Gundam, but I thought there were a few better pieces in the category, the epic background I tied with was one of them. 

Interestingly enough this was the only first place piece I won, and I am not unhappy with the three silvers I collected either! CCS needs to be represented in EVERY category... I'm just saying! ^_~ Anywho thanks to everyone who voted for me and I hope there will be many more Awards where I place first in at least one category! 


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