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Determination - Super Saiya-jin Goku - Episode 100 
Cel and Screenshot
I Am Son Goku's Son!! Gohan Returns to the Battlefield!
Boku wa Son Gokū no Musuko da!! Gohan, Futatabi Kessenjō e

Air Date: 
July 24, 1991
Animation Director:  Mitsuo Hashimoto

The Scene: Freezer thought he killed Goku, and he then turns to intercept the wishes that are about the be made with Porunga. Then Gohan shows! He sort of holds his own but then when he is on his last rope Goku shows back up! He tells him to leave, and this cel happens as flies away watching a determined, supremely cheesed off Super Saiya-jin facing off his greatest nemesis!

Why?: My very first Super Saiya-jin Goku, I have always been picky about purchasing Goku cels, particularly the Super Saiya-jin because they tend to be on the pricey side and some are kind of hinky looking. I finally found the perfect combo this past March it is extremely beautiful and I hope to admire it for may years to come.

About the Cel: There are two layers on this cel, the first layer is the blood layer, the second layer is everything else including the air-brushing. Which means the air-brushing has no scratches or messes because the blood layer protected it. There is of course line fading in the warmer colors but it scans beautifully so a win, win if I ever saw one. 

Update:  I was able to reunite the Douga with the cel at Sakuracon 2016!  ^_^  I found it while digging through the books at the Anime Link table!  ^_^  I was like I have a sequence mate I wonder if the sketch is matching, and when I got it home I discovered it was!  ^_^
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