Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Did you know all along?... Yeah. - Yukito 
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The Scene: Sakura has confessed her feelings to Yukito, but he has told her to think about it. Does it feel like she feels for her father? She says that they are similar... Yukito then tells her it's because they look similiar... Then Sakura makes the connection, "Did you know all along?" Yukito answers, "Yeah." This cel is just as the nod is coming back up, (yes I'm a dork and looked at it frame by frame).

Why? I love this scene, it just tears at my heart strings in just the right way. Sakura is so sincere and trying to hide the hurt so much. While Yukito is trying to salvage her feelings, and makes it somewhat better by being in love with her brother. 

About the cel: This is not the matching background however it is a background that is from this episode that matches quite nicely, Otherwise when I bought it was a lovely if a bit pricey (for CCS) addition to my collection.