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Double Take - Yukito
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
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The Scene: “You’re welcome.” Yukito raises his cup to take a sip, and Sakura’s breath catches in her throat as the light goes right through his shoulder!

She blinks and rubs her eyes, and when she opens them again there was nothing wrong. (cel) 

Why?: I few sets of Yukitos and Toya's came up from this episode, and while this is not a major show stopper it was paired with one that was. I do adore his cute smile though, and it is the part when Sakura does the double take... was he disappearing?? duh... duh... duh...

About the Cel: Cel is in amazing condition, there is a smidge of line disintegration/fading on his cuff but otherwise this cel looks like it was painted yesterday, no complaints from me!