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Dunking time! - Goku, Trunks, and Goten - Episode 287
Peace Returns!! Majin Boo, Champion of Justice!!
Modotta Heiwa!! Seigi no Mikata Majin Bū!?

Air Date: 
December 20, 1995
Animation Director:  Kazuya Hisada

The Scene: This is just a wrap up episode at the end of Buu. At the end of the episode they go to Goku bathing with Trunks and Goten he playfully dunks them they get away and change into Gotenks... it um escalates from there...

Why?: LOL, that is all I have to say... *coughs*

About the Cel: Cel has two layers, both are not stuck. The Goku layer is the last in the sequence and the boys lol quite amuse me. In great condition, from the very end of DBZ...

Sequence Buddies:  
  1. Cel