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Duo - Odds n' Evens - Innocent Soul
Cel and Dougas
Odds n' Evens
Innocent Soul #4

Air Date: 
Animation Director:  Unknown
The Scene: Post the series, the studio put together a series of vignettes, post the final battle. In Quatre's Vignette he is stuck in a hospital being visited by Trowa and Duo shows up, this cel is just before he breaks out the champagne flutes. 

Why?: Cels of Duo with the champagne flute when I used to pay attention to these things were going for a a grand or so. So when this cel came up I had to have it. 

About the Cel: The cel is in excellent condition. The cel itself came with several layers for his eyes, however this cel came with a bunch of sketches with the eye layers that correspond from the same sequence, but not the exact matching sketch. So neat, so I finally got around to scanning the extra sketches, and will be posting them today :) 

  1. Douga with Cel
  2. Cel
  3. Douga with Cel