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Duo - Odds n' Evens - Black Shadow
Odds n' Evens
Black Shadow #2

Air Date: 
Animation Director:  Unknown
The Scene:  Duo is helping out around I think Barge, and heis carrying what looks like food packets to storage...  The lovely introspection doesn't happen until he reaches his destination...

Why?: This is from Duo's Even, these were only released on VHS in Japan in 1996, I am unsure of the actual release date only that it was sometime after the series ended.  As a consequence they were never localized over here except for some fansubs.  Which is a real shame as these are very nice character pieces.  introspective and quiet.  I used to own one of these cels, and I sold it years and years ago.  I picked up this Douga well over a year ago, I guess in remembrance, and just am now putting it up.  ^_^

About the Douga: Not much to say about it, this is what went to cel, the shading is quite lovely and I need to take a better scan of it.  But the pinks, yellows, and blues in the shading are quite lovely.
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