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Cardcaptor Sakura: Episode 14 - Sakura, Toya, and Cinderella
Sakura, Touya and Cinderella
Sakura to Touya to Shinderera 
Air Date:  July 14, 1998
Animation Director:  Gou Toshiharu

SQUEE!!! Okay, okay... calm down... #1 if you have not seen this episode, go see, watch it, seriously, right now drop everything you are doing, and go watch it now.
Probably my favorite cross-dressing anime episode, EVER! Toya's NEON Pink dress, lol. And Yukito being a little turd by inviting his little sister and all her friends. ALSO CAN OF MACKERAL... Sorry for all the caps, I can't help myself...  There are many, many pieces I am still looking to acquire from this episode. I am quite in love as you can tell, please feel free to browse the pieces I have and enjoy the humor, and one or two serious pieces. ^_^