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Cel, Original Layout, and Screenshot
Ergh... - Toya
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The Scene: The boys are running after Sakura after she took off after the Ghosts energy, Li, pulls ahead with Toya not far behind him they come up on a dead end and Toya is like ergh and go the other way when the way Sakura went has mysteriously disappeared...

Why?: Heehee well, I have one of Yuki running after Sakura but none of Toya and now I have matching one ^_^... It also doesn't hurt having the matching original BG which is epically large and the whole reason this piece will be going into my pan book.

About the Cel: This cel setup is crazy large, for what it is. The background is about 18 inches, and the cel is slightly oversized. I am not sure why it was setup this way but I guess they made the BG so large so Toya would have a larger space to run after Sakura. The Setup came with the original layout no other matching sketches.