Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Eriol, why?! - Sakura
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The Scene: Sakura's confession of love was interrupted by Clow! Yue/Yukito protects her and they get separated, she runs ahead towards Clow's Presence. She goes through the curtain and Eriol is standing there! He smiles creepily and uses his staff to knock her out and erase her memory. This is of her falling...

Why? The cel when it came up on Yahoo Japan was absolutely stunning and at the time there were several available. Also I knew it was from one of my favorite episodes so I had to have it! What's interesting about these cels is that Sakura's face is never really on the screen. 

About the Cel: This cel is VERY large. Not as big as my huge Makoto pan but almost. The edges have been trimmed but the cel number is still there as well as the register holes. A very lovely image and even better in person. I will update the sequence number shortly.

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