Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Everything I Remember is a Lie... - Yukito and Toya 
Cel and Dougas
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The Scene:

Y ...
not human...the times I'm not aware of...the other me takes over. Everything I remember is a lie.

T No... Everything you remember since we met is real. I'm not sure what you really are, but, as long as we're together, that's fine by me.

Y Thanks.

Why?: Another riveting spine tingly scene between Toya and Yukito, there are just so sweet whispering sweet things to each other in the dark projector room... *blushes* OK I know I'm weird we'll just leave it at that...

About the Cel: This cel is strangely stuck Yukito's mouth layer is stuck to back of the cel, I bought it that way... I've been think lately that I need to scan the mouth on the back and photoshop it onto Yukito's face... I think it would help it somewhat... The layers are actually matching because the head layer does not move through most of the sequence only the mouth. I also got both of the matching sketches which are absolutely lovely. 

Special Note: This was my very first cel of Yukito and Toya together!