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Flame, Relentless Flame! - Soubi
Gengas, Shuusei, and Screenshot
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The Scene:  Soubi, pissed off that Ritsuka has been affected, attacks through the restriction put in place by Sleepless, they had expected him to break the restriction, but instead he attacks, "Flame, relentless flame!"

Why?:  When I first saw it on YJ I was immediately drawn in. Soubi's face is very fierce, and the lines are bold and really finely drawn. So very lovely! ^_^

About the Genga Set:  This set came with 7 sketches the Soubi Head and shoulder taped two together, the Arm and Chain two taped together, and then two taped together to show the special effects, and a final sketch a was partial correction from Nakayami Yumi-Sama, she paid special attention to the eyes and the shape of the face, very lovely.

All the pans came taped together with extensive tape burn I removed it but it is too late the damage is done although the sketches are still lovely and a great addition to my Loveless collection! ^_^