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Cel and Douga
Gaahh!! - Toya
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The Scene: Yukito and Toya are having a conversation... well what else is new? And then the subject of Li comes up about why Toya seems to hate him so much... Well Toya says he's too involved with something important to me... (See cel before) And Sakura pops up out of nowhere and scares the living daylights out of Toya! Hysterical!

Why?: Well every time I look at this cel I crack up. Truly one of the funnier moments of CCS. As Sakura has never before been able to get the jump on her brother! I just love how he almost buttplants and flails wildly to get away from her he is so surprised!

About the cel: LOL this was freeby that came with another of my recent acquisitions, but I could not pass up keeping it because it is from one of my favoritest episodes and looks dorkily fantastic next to the other GAAHH cel! ^_^