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Gohan, have you been training regularly while I've been gone? - Goku - Episode 226
Cel and Dougas
  1. Cel
  2. Cel and Douga
  3. Douga 2
Confrontation with the Demon King! It's Your Turn, Gohan!!
Tachihadakaru Maō! Deban da Gohan!!

Air Date:
 May 4, 1994

Animation Director: Keisuke Masunaga

The Scene: LOL, so the Supreme Kai, Vegeta, Gohan, and Goku are waiting their turn for the fight with one of the Majin slaves, and Goku is sitting all relaxed on the floor and offhandedly comments, "Gohan, have you been training regularly while I've been gone?" HAHA someone has been caught.

Why?: Hee hee I mostly bought this set cause it came with several layers of eyes and I was going to layer them all up and put them in the thumbs but I can't get them to work without them looking funny. So I will keep working on it in the meantime, I am highly amused that Goku is still a Dad and he has good and caught Gohan on slacking off on his training... This becomes important in the end in the fight with Buu... You should always listen to your Dad :)

About the Cel: Unfortunately all the layers are stuck in the original setup including to the original matching BG. So I won't be able to animate it sadly. However I am still highly amused by the eye layers being put onto the sketch layers I just have to figure out how to scan this up cause as you can see in the thumbs the cel changes the color of the paper :( Really neat setup and totes worth the money.