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Goku in 100G *Wishlist* - Episode 57  
Cel and Screenshot
I'm Back to My Old Self Again!! Goku Under 100-Times Super-Gravity!
Genki ga Modotta zo!! Hyakubai Chōjūryoku no Naka no Gokū

Air Date: 
August 8, 1990
Animation Director: Mitsuo Shindō

The Scene: Goku has been training in space on his way to Namek to fight Freezer and save his Gohan, Kuririn, and Buruma. So he is training in space, and in a gravity chamber. Long story short there is some turbulence and the Gravity gets pushed up to a 100G. Leaving Goku stuck upsidedown and spinning like a fan blade. This is him taking a minute to figure out what the heck he is going to do to get out of this.

Why?: This is a wishlist cel for me. I love any odd colored DBZ cels. Because they are blowing stuff up, action shots, spinning in space. Also Goku looks very serious which I just love. He is not the stupid meathead everyone thinks he is :)

About the Cel: Came in it's original Toei bag... Ewwwww... Those things are just brutal I did save the Toei Sticker, and has rice sticker shellacked to the back. I noticed when I rebagged it this time around the sliver of paint not covered by rice paper was tacky to the touch!!! Uh OH @[email protected] Rebagged and added a full sheet of Microchamber paper. There are two layers the bottom layer is the red and black movement layer and the top layer is purple and white Goku :). 
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