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Goku in the Rejuvenation Chamber - Episode 74 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Whoops!! Ginyu Has Turned Into a Frog
Daigosan!! Ginyū ga Kaeru ni Natchatta

Air Date: 
January 23, 1991
Animation Director:  Masayuki Uchiyama

*snickers* I just love Japanese episode titles...

The Scene: They've finally finished putting Goku in the Rejuvenation chamber, this is one of the pan cels of that not a very large one but very epic in the camera movement. I'm not sure I can trust what the English version says but according to the translation Kuririn hopes that Goku won't drown, and Goku hopes the same thing in the voice over.

Why?: I have some definite wants for my Goku this was one of them I love the blues they are lovely and bubbles, oh I also love beat up Goku, and smiley Goku... Okay... I have a problem?

About the Cel: It is in pretty amazing condition for a 2nd season DBZ cel, there is a bit of paint loss but this is the oldest cel I have in my collection it is to be expected:-P. (no longer true ^_^) I was especially attracted to the lovely blue green coloring when I first saw it! Heehee, and I have rejuvenation chamber Goku on my wishlist! *jumps* One thing down a million to go, lol! 
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