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Grandpappies - Goku and Mr. Satan - Episode 289 
Cel and Screenshot
Grandpa Goku! I Am Pan!!
Gokū Ojiichan! Watashi ga Pan yo!!

Air Date: 
January 17, 1996
Animation Director:  Naoki Miyahara

The Scene: Goku and Pan have gone up to visit Pan's other Grandpa, Mr Satan! After they say hi, Mr. Satan realizes everyone is going to enter, and Goku assures him he has nothing to worry about if one of them make it to the end, they will let him win! Mr. Satan is thanking Goku in the cel ^_^

Why?: So cute, both Grandpappies on the same cel! Mr. Satan is looking a little worse for wear though... Whereas Goku still looks exceptionally scrumptious.

About the Cel: The cel is in excellent condition there is not a lot of line fading. However there is some cracking in the paint of his hair. It does not show in the scan and you can only see it when it gets held up to the light so I'll call it a day on that. 
  1. Cel
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