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Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
Guilt - Yukito
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The Scene: Touya is explaining to Yukito that by giving Yue all his magic he was saving his friend from starving. This is right after Sakura scares the living #[email protected]! out of Toya... and Yukito is saddened that he had to take all of Toya's power. *swoons then glomps cel*

Why? This is the first Yukito cel I ever bought. Mostly because the sad expression on his face. This is what started the CCS madness, I have since expanded my wishlist to include characters other than Toya and Yukito but will continue to focus only on them.

About the cel: In rather amazing condition! And the detail in his eyes! *sighs* I know I want more from this episode, but I will have to actually finish my wishlist first, lol! *hint hint* A matching Touya would be nice!

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