Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

He reminds me of someone... - Koumyou Sanzo
Layout, Original Background, and Screenshot
The Scene: After Koumyou greets the person scaring the moon away... (Ukoku Sanzo) Ukoku comments that, that is the famous Kouryuu... Koumyou confirms, and Ukoku calls him a smart ass (of course!) Koumyou just smiles and says, "He reminds me of someone..."

Why?: This is a very interesting scene. It's actually right before Ukoku kills him. So what is said here really lays the ground for what comes after... Super interesting!

About the Layout: This background was used in two cuts in this scene and a little bit earlier scene... As well so it was almost like a two for one special. I've had the layouts long enough that the creases caused by shipping have ironed themselves out so they are in pretty excellent condition so that can only get better with time as I work on care and maintenance.
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