Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
He's been sleepy like that ever since... - Yukito
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The Scene: Yukito has been showing Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaroan around the school fair. The finally come to the path between the stars, and Nakuru shows up. She first glomps Sakura then she asks where is Toya? Yuki tells her he is sleeping in a classroom. Then in her creepy Ruby Moon voice she says: "It must be tough for him... he's been sleepy like that ever since." Then the screen flashes first to Sakura who is of course shocked, then Yukito, i.e. this cel.

Why? Well we all know something is going on with that creepy, clingy, #$&#$*)#@%@#. That and it just goes to show that Yukito is really not aware of what is going on with her, where Toya very much so is on to her game. Hopefully this might be his first clue... But then again if he still not sure of Toya's feelings after taking his magic, it is going to take Toya himself stating it to his face, lol.

About the Cel: I was sure this cel was from Episode 66, but not sure where it was from when I bought it... When I did find it I was like *squee* Then my sister thwapped up the head and said "Episode Hog," then I turned to her and said, "At least with this one it's not sequence hog." :P