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In My Dreams...

Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
He's Too Involved With Something Important to me... - Toya 
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The Scene: After Toya and Yukito have met up with Sakura, and have had some fun. Toya and Yukito hang back a little Yukito then asks him why he seems to hate Syaoroan so much. The screen to goes to this lovely close up of his face and he says, "Because he's too close to something important to me..."

Why? One of my many wishes from this episode, due to the fact that he is being the sweet overprotective big brother that he is. It is also a very lovely image of his intense brown eyes.

About the cel: Not too much to say about this acquisition, when I go to Otakon we try to get at the head of the dealer's line when we get there. We all head straight for Asylum Anime, I grab the CCS book, my sister grabs the SM books and we hold for each other. I don't usually buy more cels after that first initial grab, but this was an exception something I missed after that first time. The cel is in pretty good condition there are some paint specks that aren't supposed to be there on the top of hid neck, lol guess it happens. Other than this being the first beauty in the sequence making it a key cel the only thing special about it is my love for it.

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