Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

He was burned alive! - Semei
Shuusei and Screenshot
The Scene: The little sociopaths that go to Ritsuka's school are looking into his past and find out that Semei his older brother was burned alive...  At Ritsuka's elementary school.   The sketch is the image on the computer screen as far as I can tell I haven't found anything closer.  

Why?: Came in the inch of sketches I got last year I had a hard time finding this one because of the tininess on the screen.  The reason I started looking at the computer and photo images for it was because of the camera set I have from the end of this episode where Ritsuka is flipping through the camera pictures and comes upon a lovely portrait of Soubi which was also a full genga in the set which made me believe that they might have done something similar to this shuusei of Semei

About the Shuusei:  There is only one sketch of Semei that was in the inch of sketches.  I think that there is probably another sketch of Semei out there that has less chest and is cropped closer at the shoulders but I don't have it.  Maybe someone has the computer set :)
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