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Hey! - Yukito - Episode 35
Cel, Douga, Screenshot
Sakura's Wonderful Christmas
Sakura no Suteki na Kurisumasu
Air Date:  December 29, 1998
Animation Director:  Kimizuka Katsunori

The Scene: Li was striding across the fairgrounds, or attempting to anyway. It wasn't very easy with Meilin locked in a deathgrip with his arm, and pleading with him to slow down. That was when he caught sight of Sakura and Yukito staring at them, and he froze up.

"Hey!" (Cel) Yukito called cheerfully. In his typical good-natured fashion, he invited the other two to join their party.

Why: I love his Christmas outfit! That's basically it! ^_^ 

About the Cel: Yellow, pink and red are the nemesis's of CCS cels there is always line fading, but I think that is pretty much industry standard it is the same for Sailor Moon. So basically there is fading in his tie and shirt lines, but otherwise cel is in pretty good condition. 
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