Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Original Sketch by Mangaka Hiyori Kato 
Sketches from Choukyou Shitsuji to Kaikan Otome
Torture Butler and Pleasure Maiden
Choukyou Shitsuji to Kaikan Otome 

Book Release Date: 
April 11, 2013

Mangaka: 加藤ひより - Hiyori Kato
As part of a promotion this book a first edition was sold new in the bookstore.  It came mint with the promotional Obi still around the book.  The problem with purchasing original art drawn on Manga is the covers will yellow and fade if no steps are taken in the preservation.  So I carefully removed the covers with both the picture and autograph of the butler as well as the cute Panda character the Mangaka uses to represent herself in the talk in the back of the book...
This seems to be her first book, she is a fairly new mangaka and has at least one Free!  Doujin that I know of, called Glass Morning which has been scanlated.  Anywho a little about the book this came from, SUPER hot, I don't read Japanese, but a picture says a thousand words.   There is some talking a lot of blushing which leads to him tying her up and some hot Smexing with lots of blushes...  *^_^*  Her male characters are lovely, and the females while busty are not offensively so.

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