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Hotaru, I'm here to take you with me - Baby Hotaru and Tomoe, Genga Set - Episode 167 
Shuuseis, Layouts, and Screenshots
Resurrection of the Queen of Darkness! When Scattered Flowers Create Nightmares
Akumu hana wo chirasu toki! Yami no Joō fukkatsu

Release Date: 
March 9, 1996

Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
The Scene: This is the very first episode of Stars it opens with Baby Hotaru living in the country side with her father a peaceful life as it were then she starts dreaming of Eternal Sailor Moon. Setsuna shows up and says, "Hotaru, I'm here to take you with me." Then it shows a close up of her face (cel) right before she reaches for Setsuna.

Why?: I bought this set off of Mandarake a few months after I picked up the non-production piece from the studio. It's probably one of the most beautiful genga sets I have very delicate and just downright pretty. At first I bought it as a supplement to the Baby Hotaru Cel, and then when I opened it, it became a wonderful piece of artwork to begin with.

About the Sketch Set: This sketch set comes with the layout the key animator put together, and two genga's from the same artist's hand. Then with the Gengas come their corresponding Shuusei (Correction), most likely done by the Episode Director, and Character Designer for Sailor Stars, Tamegai Katsumi. Tamegai Katusumi, had been with Sailor Moon since the beginning so you can see the quality and the familiarity she has with each of the characters in these corrections. Another interesting note, This was her first gig as Character Designer, after Sailor Stars she went on to be the Character Designer for Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and the Eiga Futari wa Precure Movie Series.
  1. Shuusei 1
  2. Shuusei 2
  3. Layout 1
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