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Hotaru... You ended up like this because of me... - Mistress 9 and Professor Tomoe - Episode 125 
Cel and Douga
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The Shining Shooting Star: Saturn and the Messiah
Kagayaku ryūsei! Satān soshite kyūseishu

Air Date: 
February 11, 1995

Animation Director: Ikuko Itō
The Scene: Professor Tomoe stumbles in; he's badly hurt and says, "Hotaru..." He puts hands on Mistress 9's shoulders and says, "'s's papa... Hotaru... You ended up like this because of me..."  She says, "Germatos' empty shell..." Looking at Tomoe with disgust she says, "How filthy and irritating. Don't touch me!"

Why?:  So two of my favorite villians are Mistress 9 and Black Lady, my issue is I'm highly picky about what I would willingly spend good money on.  So when this came up I was VERY interested, mostly because of the scene and secondly because of how untouchable she looks here.  It also helps that she is also considered a facet of Sailor Saturn, and I have made it goal to try and get at least one of her every form...  ^_^;;  Wish me luck!

About the Cel: The cel is a lovely pan, and it did come with a non-matching orange colored background.  However when I watched the scene the BG is darker so I chose to scan it with my typical black BG.  One day I will get around to getting a matching BG together but we shall have to wait.  It came with the matching dougas which for Mistress 9 is a partial.