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How'd he get up there? - Kino Makoto - Episode 55 
Cel, Douga, and Screenshot
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Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love
Tsukikage wa Seijūrō? Moeru Mako-chan

Air Date: 
May 22, 1993

Animation Director: Itou Ikuko

The Scene: So my bad, I went to take a new screen shot of this cel, and realized I had it wrong!! Mako is actually chasing Ail and then she stops and looks around and notices that he has jumped up on the roof... How it took them so long for them to figure out their secret identities... but I digress... anywho this shot is of her looking up on the roof and asking how'd he get up there?

Why: This cel is from one of my favorite episodes of SMR, Episode 55. It's just soooo cute. This is one of few Makoto-centric episodes that is animated beautifully. My sister and I have always said that the pinacle of animation for SM was episode 45 and 46, after that comes this episode, as this episode was animated in much the same way as the final episodes of that first epic season. It doesn't help that this episode is Makoto-centric, making it very hard for me to keep my money when I see a cel from this episode.

About the Cel: The cel is stuck to the original BG I am very wary about removing it because it is stuck so hard. However so far there is no bleeding of the bg through to the cel which is notorious for SM cels. The matching sketch is also here with the set. Also there is of course the typical line fading seen in all Toei cels of this age. Once I scanned it, it went straight to my cel book to stop any further damage! Another interesting note about this cel is the BG is actually from this episode right after Mako notices he's on the roof she runs up there to confront him while he is sitting on top of the doorway this BG is from that moment.