Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

I can't afford any more tardies, so I came early and slept in here. - Toya - Episode 61 
Cel and Douga
  1. Cel
  2. Douga
Sakura and Card and Present
Sakura to ka-do to present

Air Date:
December 21, 1999
Animation Director:  Takeda Yoshihiro
The Scene: This is a great Toya and Yukito moment. Toya took Sakura to school like usual, but unusually Yukito wasn't waiting at the corner for them. So Toya after dropping off Sakura goes to his school and sees Yukito slumped asleep on his desk. The exhaustion just seems to be getting worse and worse. So Toya shakes him awake and Yuki lifts up his head halfway and Toya starts to confront him about his sleeping habits or lack there of...

Why? I love this scene in the classroom. It just tickles me pink. You can absolutely tell that Toya is just getting more and more worried about Yukito. And Yukito is declining in a rapid fashion, due to Sakura's power drain. I am also a fan of the anger in his expression in this sequence mate in the other one he looks worried this one he is angry. I also need to start looking for the matching Yukito layers ^_^

About the Cel: The cel is in decent condition and the BG is a copy of a scan of a laser bg I had a few years ago, because I always knew I wanted more from this sequence.