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I have nothing to say to you! - Yamato Nakano
 Gengas, Shuuseis, Screenshots, and Timing Sheet
The Scene: Yamato has called out Ritsuka he comes running out asking, "I thought the battle was at dusk..."  Yamato is like of course but let's go out to tea first!  ^_^  and she grabs his hand to take him off to have tea with her.  Ritsuka gets mad at her friendly demeanor, and yells, "I have nothing to say to you!" (A2/A3) First there is the shock, and then she gives him this sly smile, "You are similar to Seimei." (A4)

Why?: I picked up a whole bunch of Yamato at Otakon this year for fairly decent prices, I really like her she is like many Loveless characters multifaceted. She in kind of counterpoint to her orders goes to Ritsuka's school to take him out for tea, and kind of size him up, and I love that defiance.

About the Set: This set is really large.  The there is a correction for every single major movement of the cute from the animation director and 3 corrections from Nakayama Yumi.  Each sketch has something to recommend it, and the coloring on some of the gengas are really special.  I particularly love the A3 set of sketches the confusion of Yamato's face.
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