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I Like Yuiko - Yuiko
Original Layout, Shuusei, and Screenshot
The Scene: It's this beginning of a new school day and Ritsuka coming to school alone is having deep thoughts, Yuiko runs by with her ever cheerful effervescense and all their friends greet each other at the gate.  Ritsuka first focuses on Yuiko, and holds this position to pan across the screen slowly, while Ritsuka thinks, "I like Yuiko."  (Genga set)

Why?: I got into a mini battle over this set because I knew it was from Episode 12 and I'd been wanting to get some pieces from this episode for some time.  It also doesn't hurt that I've been dying to see some original art from the character designer and hopefully snag some more from Nakayama-sensei.  I also love Yuiko as she is my personal character to identify with and she is super chipper and always friendly, and doesn't understand why people treat her poorly, she just roles with it most of the time...  fellow doormats, unite? 

About the Set: The set only came with the layout and the Matching Shuusei, and you can see clearly the difference between them.  Alot more attention was paid to the shape of her eyes and face, and the pencil work is much finer down to the smaller details.  I know for a fact that this is not Nakayama-sensei's work as her style can me a little messier she also tends to use more color in her sketches.  So this leads me to believe this correction came from the hand of the character designer himself.  ^_^
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