Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

I love you, Ritsuka. - Soubi
Shuuseis and Screenshot
The Scene: Soubi has sneaked into Ritsuka's room to be there when Ritsuka finds Seimei's will. Ritsuka is upset of course by the news that Seimei has ordered Soubi to fight for Ritsuka/love him. When Ritsuka asks him if he is only loving him under orders, Soubi answers, "I love you, Ritsuka" after he says it, the screen moves to this very lovely shot of Soubi's face.

Why?: I knew this particular shot was coming, I also am very happy about the lovely coloring in the end of what ends up on screen. Soubi is just so very, very, pretty!

About the Genga Set: The set comes with a shuusei on the yellow/peach paper (I can't decide the color lol), where the glasses are way too small, and the hair is just all wrong. It also comes with another sketch on the green paper with the stamp, (I've mentioned this before) saying this: 総作監督, Sō-saku kantoku, which for some reason says means total work supervision? which means that the director who drew this correction was none other than Nakayama Yumi herself.  The peach/yellow sketch most likely came from, Matsukawa Tetsuya or Ishii Yumiko, I have not been able to discern their differing styles as Ishii-san did not direct any other episodes and Matsukawa-san directed episode 7 but I have one sketch set from it, so that would make it difficult to make any real determination about the artist.

Sequence Mate: Gecko Blue has acquired the finished Douga from this scene, go see to compare to the early roughs/corrections!
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