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I love you, Ritsuka... - Soubi
Genga, Copy Layout, and Screenshot
The Scene: Just after the match, Soubi had taken Ritsuka up in his arms so take them away. They are standing in the park once again with the setting sun glowing around them. Ritsuka starts peppering him with questions, and I think cause Soubi has his priorities all screwed up, he says "I love you, Ritsuka."

Why?: This sketch set was a deliberate pick up there are three sketches in the set, but I am giving each sketch it's own page, because each sketch is a beautiful piece of art that deserves it. The pencil strokes are works of art, it is very hard to get the points in his hair as accurate and as lovely as they are in each piece... It really is just mind boggling. It also doesn't hurt that this is the second time he tells Ritsuka he loves him!! *insert fangirl squeeing here!*

About the Set: There are three very lovely Gengas, and I swear it depends on the animator but sometimes they make Soubi's ears huge! It feels like they are trying to make him look more vulnerable than the poker face he normally wears. The A2 is by far my favorite sketch in the set, I am not sure why, he's almost smirking smarmily, but the eyes and the boldness of the lines around his face just sort of draw you in. The sketch is done on white paper, with 4 different colored pencils and a regular pencil as well. The layout is copy, and trimmed for some reason. It also had a set of register holes taped to the top, I removed the tape and kept the register hole paper, I did not want the tape to compromise the image.

Note: Red Eye also has a copy of this layout, it makes one wonder where the heck the original is!  

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