Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

Genga and Screenshot
I'm all right. I'm just a little sleepy... - Toya & Yukito 
  1. Title 1
  2. Title 3
The Scene: Toya and Yukito are coming out of the projection room after the end of the film, and they are surrounded by admirers as usual, however Toya is exhausted. And Yuki is super worried, looking at him while Toya struggles to stay awake while standing, although I would say turnabout is fair play in this instance.

Why?: I have been trying to get a hold of this pan for YEARS, however I keep losing it when I go after it, so when it came up in sketch form on YJ I was all over it. I adore the very intense worry on Yukito's face and the absolute exhaustion on Toya's when it came in I was absolutely gleeful! 

About the Sketch: The sketch is on two pieces of paper, both are drawn on Pan sized paper. The C1End is the Yukito layer, and the A1 is the Toya layer because Yukito does not move, and Toya does.