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I'm Fine - Yukito - Episode 34
Douga and Screenshot
Sakura and Yukito, and the Midday Moon
Sakura to Yukito to Hiru no Tsuki

Air Date:
 December 22, 1998
Animation Director:  Fujita Mariko

The Scene: Sakura has just woken up and she is still little dazed when she realizes Yuki is hurt, he gives her this devastatingly cool look and says, "Don't worry, I'm fine." *If she doesn't swoon she is dead, but don't worry she does ^_~*

Why?: I have only a few more random wishes from this episode this is one of them. I would prefer to have his mouth of course, but a girl can't have everything I suppose. This was one of the many sketches acquired during the three weeks of doom. I would love to add the cel, as the whole sequence is just devastatingly gorgeous. I've learned that if I wait long enough it will come.

About the Douga: I am unsure about the numbering on this one. The sequence # is not up at the top which could indicate this was a genga, but the polished look of the drawing tells me not. There is one note about the coloring of Yukito's sweater, and then I am not sure what it says up in the top right corner by Yuki's face. There seems to be a note about numbering because. There is an A a crossed out B13 and a 13 by itself circled... Unknown on numbering but I am going to guess this one is a little later in the sequence, and key cause gah! So purty! 
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