Please Stay By My Side,
In My Dreams...

I thought the moon had gone into hiding... - Koumyou Sanzo 
Shuusei, Layout, Original Background, and Screenshot
The Scene: After Kouryuu has mother henned Koumyou to go to bed, stop smoking, and stop drinking. He says into the night... "I thought the moon had gone into hiding, was that your fault?"

Why?: I love these layouts they were all acquired at around the same time. In two giant clutches, most pieces I did not know I would be receiving and I have never regretted the purchase. While I am still hesitant about adding to the regular series collection I would snap up Burial art in a heartbeat. Great little quiet scene before the storm.

About the Layout: The sketch that came with the layout on the pink genga paper is gorgeously detailed. The actual layout is not, but I still uploaded the artwork. It's always so interesting when you run into sketch art like this, once piece very liney and rough, and the other down to the fall of his hair and the drape of his robes. 
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